How do you get Guidance?

Most of my life has just happened to me – or so that is how I have always thought about it. Seeing how blessed I have been in so many areas of life, I suspect random happenings are not the cause of my good fortune. I must have been following Guidance. I capitalize Guidance because I believe that it has been Divine. Frustratingly, I am unaware of it, except to say that I think it is there.

I have spoken to people who “hear” guidance, have dreams that give them direction, see animals in nature and from them surmise a course of action, who use various card decks to get insight, who look for and understand signs and omens, who say prayers and then “know” the direction to take. I have never seriously used or received any of those. If you had asked me I would have said that my choices were logical not inspired. I now believe that is not accurate. I still do not know what my Guidance was, but I do believe it was there.

I am envious of those who perceive guidance. I would love to have a certainty that what I am doing is something I am “supposed” to be doing. I believe that we each have a set of skills and talents and that we will function most usefully and effectively in the world if we use those skills and talents. And there are hundreds of ways that we can do that. And we can let our head get in the way of the decision making and make some less-than-optimal decision. My questions are how to keep my head out of the way and how to recognize the Guidance.

Decades ago I got a tarot deck. I got it because the cards were beautiful. I can’t say that I ever gained any useful guidance from it. Everything was so symbolic I had trouble interpreting it. I have had a few instances of Bob giving me information since he died. One was a dream and a few have just been a sense of him. The most consistent way I have felt Guidance in the past year, however, has been with some cards based on animals. The cards are vague in specifics, rather they give a sense of what direction to look in. For instance a card might talk about a need for nurturing of yourself or others. I can look at that and think about my life and identify whether it pertains to me now or not. Usually I do see some pretty interesting suggestions.

I have some questions for you. Do you believe that we can get Divine guidance? If so, how do you receive your Guidance? Can you get your Guidance “on demand” meaning when you ask for it do you get it, or do you get it randomly? What are your thoughts on Guidance? I would love to read your experiences!


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