Amuse, Entertain, Join and Grow

Amazing how Intentions can be blown before they have even started! I had intended to start this on the first of January, but was ill and too feeble to press the keys.

So, here we are now. The purpose of this blog is to amuse, entertain, join and grow with you in exploring how we might make our lives more peaceful, more centred and focused and thus enable us to step more easily into a place of serenity. Serenity as experienced emotionally, mentally and lived experientially in the body.

The dictionary defines serenity as
“the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; sereneness.”
(1400-50; late Middle English serenite < Latin serēnitās. See serene, -ity)
Synonyms of `Serenity` include composure, calm, peacefulness, peace.

As our aspiration is to incrementally step closer to this way of being each day the becoming aware of the myiad ways that life and we obstruct this journey. How we sabotage the inner peace that is our natural state. This morning I have decided to be honest and admit that diet coke has caffeine in it and as such is inimical to peace. Gosh I am depressed as that means I either have to give it up, or drink it in the certain knowledge of hat it is doing for me. Caffeine in all its guises increases heart rate, reducing blood flow to extremities, hyping up adrenaline levels and affects the equilibrium of the mind. So my starting point for this blog is to open to greater inner and bodily peace by refraining from diet coke. As I don’t drink or like tea or coffee that limits me to plain old H2O or wine.. and, not that I am going there today, but I have a horrible foreboding that wine will prove to be less that beneficial in my search for serenity…. Not looking there today! Does anyone feel like joining me and supporting me in this.. I wrote that from a decidedly `Eyore` frame of mind. Oh to be Owl!


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