Well theories are wonderful things mais non? Full of promise and hope…and then there is reality. I suppose as the aim of this community is to strengthen and deepen the serenity within it will only be through external chaos that the inner state becomes visible. As I am unable to live as a hermit and will always be in contact with the outside world it is time to join the inner gym and build the muscles necessary to anchor serenity.
I have reduced my `fondness` for diet coke and have been clean for a couple of days. Wasn’t strong enough to go cold turkey.. the headaches are ghastly! However now free from it cravings wise, have to still focus on it as I have asked for it unconsciously a couple of times. Once it arrived so I drank it, but the second time I caught myself and was able to change the order. Does my body feel more serene? No idea but it does feel good to desire something that I know is bad for me… so less internal warfare on that one then… dare I open the fridge and see what else is lurking within? The temptation is to be extreme and blitz it all in one go, but I know from bitter experience it wouldn’t last!
So, one food addiction at a time…can I leave bread to the end??


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