Feel free to go get a cup of tea or coffee and let's have a chat.  Maybe a ginger scone, too.  Two things I love — “a face wreathed with smiles” and “a radiant countenance.”  I recognize these when I see them and I am usually attracted to the person owning that face.  Do you also like them?  More importantly, I think, are they two things you try to keep handy on your face?  I like to think that I do; and then I see a picture of me when I don’t know I am being photographed and I look – well, we could call it serious or maybe even a bit ticked off!  The frustrating part is knowing how I felt when the picture was taken.  I felt thoughtful and engaged in a conversation, and I looked pretty close to angry.  Not what I wanted to convey!

How do you keep your face wreathed with smiles?  How do you develop a radiant countenance?  Do any of you have a secret technique for developing this pleasant demeanor that isn’t the least bit fake and does, in fact, reflect an inner peace and joy?  How do we get there?  I am not talking about a plastic smile that does not reflect our insides.  I guess that makes the bottom line question how do we develop that inner sense that let’s us be radiant and happy?  And how do we have that reflected in our faces without our thinking about it?

Talk amongst yourselves while I go warm up my tea.  Post your comments at the end of this post.