If work were considered worship …

This is a Kitchen Table Discussion — that means we need to discuss back and forth.  I look forward to your comments.

There is a wonderful quote about work done in a spirit of service being worship.  I love to fantasize about what things like that might mean if we took them to heart.

If we each believed and acted as if our work was a service, that in itself might revolutionize the world.  If the car mechanic, the assembly line worker, the bank teller, the welder, the lawyer, the short order cook, the cashier, the septic tank fixer, the politician, (Hmmm, why did those tow come so close together?), the doctor the teacher, the housekeeping staff, (you know the list could go on forever) each felt that when she or he went to work each day, their purpose was to be of service, how would that change our everyday experience?  Wouldn’t we perhaps try to do a better job, or to smile a bit more, or to be more caring and helpful?  And wouldn’t we feel better about ourselves.  We are going to work to make someone’s life better!  That means that each of us has something to offer to people.

Then if we upped the game and felt that we were not only being of service, but we were actually worshipping what we consider to be the Divine, how would that change our behavior?

So many of the problems of the workplace would evaporate.  If we believed that our job was a service we were providing and by providing it we would be worshiping the Divine, we would not cut corners, create poorly constructed products, be discourteous or rude, we would assume the best of people, not rip off the system, give a full days work for our pay.

We would actually be paid for worshiping!  That is a mind-blowing concept!

How would your life change if you treated your job as a service and as worship?

How would it change how you raised your children?


  1. Sue

    I love this. I do try to have an attitude of service at work. There is so much grumbling around me that I choose to be the sunshine in the room each day. I want to make a difference in the day for those I come into contact with.

    My daily transaction counts are regularly higher than others at my branch. Some members wait for me to become available to transact their business. (Others have their own little following too) I don’t believe I am any better at what I do, but I am quicker to acknowledge the members and offer to serve them. I think the service attitude makes a big difference.

  2. Jan

    Exactly! Who doesn’t want to be treated like they are being served rather than like they are an annoyance! Your gorgeous smile doesn’t hurt anything either, Sue. And then to think you are worshiping while all of that is going on! Win-Win-Win!


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