I saw this image on Heather Plett’s site (http://heatherplett.com/story-stones/) and it stopped me in my tracks – well more accurately it stopped my mouse from scrolling. I wanted this stone! I have tried to think about why I liked it and came up with the following list:

  • The image is simple and clean
  • It flows and implies motion
  • It is balanced
  • It invites analogy (just to name a few – Maiden, Mother, Crone; Past, Present, Future; Sun, Moon, Universe; multiple aspects of the self)
  • It invites introspection
  • It is ancient

When I look at it I wonder where I am in the process that it communicates. I am a Crone, and a recently widowed one. Where is that in the image? Then I wonder what responsibilities that designation entails. The fact that the image is on a stone gives it a sense of stability and enduring. I also get a sense that, if I allowed myself, the image would help me fly.

That is just me!

Some questions to start our conversation.

  • What do you see when you look at this rock and what does it mean to you?
  • Why do you like it, dislike it, or are untouched by it?
  • What would you like to do with this rock or this image?