Things I Learned from my Grandsons

  1. If you smile at people, they will smile back.
  2. Smiles will get you most anything!
  3. If you hug people, they will hug back.
  4. If you see a pile of pillows and stuffed animals you should fall on them and roll around gleefully.
  5. If you see pillows and stuffed animals, you should put them in a big pile!
  6. If you can’t do something the first time, you will probably have it mastered by the 79th time.
  7. If you ask for something you will probably get it.
  8. Problems can be solved many ways if you just think about it and try something different.
  9. Even when no one is around, you can have a great conversation and quite a few laughs.
  10. Running joyfully is the best way to get anywhere.
  11. When you enjoy something, enjoy it with your whole body!
  12. Clean up is a game and it is fun!
  13. Lots of things are better upside down!
  14. Eating is best when you use your fingers and can really immerse yourself in your food!
  15. If you laugh, people will laugh, too, even if they don’t know why
  16. If you have an imagination, any problem can be solved.
  17. Telling stories is best done under a blanket fort.
  18. If you tell someone something hurts, they will try hard to make it better.
  19. Having your very own favorite blanket is comforting.
  20. Asking for help usually works.

I know this seems odd in a post on a site called Serene Women, but I learn a lot from my little guys.  A lot of these boil down to be happy and show it with your body; forget about being reserved.  Cherish your favorite things.  Make sure that you have things that bring you joy.  Laugh and smile a lot.  Ask for help when you need it.  Don’t be afraid to be a bit silly.

And serenity isn’t stodgy!  It is playful!


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