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Here you are offered sacred space in which to enter the stillness which is the portal to the soul. In this place you can light a candle for a loved one, spend time in silence gathering your thoughts, pray and read prayers if the words are not flowing for you.

Light a Candle

Click o the image to Light a Candle

Serene Connection

To meditate first thing in the morning is to create a serene default setting for your thinking for the entire day. In time as our community grows we will have someone somewhere in meditation 24 hours a day!

In your sacred space, light a candle, sit comfortable and watch the flame until your mind stills and your eyes close. Focus your attention on your breathing and in you mind hear yourself say “ I am Serene, I am Serenity”…or whatever mantra works for you.


“I am Love, I give Love”
“I rest in the arms of the Divine”
“God is all around me” / “Goddess is all around me”
“I am Serene, I am Serenity”


You are invited to sit in silence and pray here at any time.  Click here to see a list of videos you can meditate on.


For times when the words don’t seem to come there are prayers for a variety of occasions for you to use to until the words flow.

Prayers for Peace


You are invited to enter here, sit comfortably and spend some time in meditation.